Wednesday, April 05, 2006

20 Possible Titles

1. The Modern Shadow

Shopaholic Shadow

Fading Semblance
Shadows of Being
Faint Distinctions
Shadow Lost
Lost Projections
The White Shadow
The Lost Shadow
Shade without Shadow
The Light Shadow
Shadow Under Skin
(taken from Courage Under Fire)
The Shadow Girl
Beyond The Shadow
I'm Not Me
Shadow of Me
Diary of The Shadow Girl
Shadow Story
Light vs Shadow
‘In The Shadow’
Light dissolves shadow, west fractures east, the precarious imbalance.

A Modern Shadow ___> I like that one

5 Weeks to Completion

I can't believe that I finally got to this day where I only have exactly five weeks left to complete 'The Modern Shadow'. I am writing this while waiting for the Scene 1 to render, a lot of things I have been through in the last three months. During my break in december I went home to Indonesia and studied the real 'Wayang kulit' performance. I was really fascinated by the movement of the characters and was totally impressed by the skill of the 'Dalang' (Puppetier). I realize it is such a challenge for me to be able to animate my character to mimic the movement of the real shadow play. From the jittery arms when they talk to a real fast action fight, cough and laughter, from leaps to a 360º spin.

Aside from that, I had someone to custom made the traditional frame to ship to the states for my installation. I was pretty happy about that because they managed to make on out of a real antique wooden carving frame and it can be knocked down and ship in a compact box.

I'm really lucky to get a room in Anezka Sebek's studio on this final semester. Anezka has a lot of experience in film and digital motion projects. Most of the people in that class are doing a narrative piece like I do. Anezka also once lived in Indonesia and she grew up watching the shadow play. Therefore I think she is a very good advisor and critique for my project.

It was quite a headache to finally had to put up a production schedule for this project completion. There is still a lot to be done to be able to complete the animation. Before midterm I had to do a talent search for Indonesian actors to read the dialog of the animation. All came out smoothly I didn't have much difficulty as I thought I would to find them in NY and they are very talented people too. After getting the final soundtrack done I worked on a test animation using the 3rd scene of my storyboard where the real transformation is happening.

With the help of my advance digital motion instructor, James Conklin, I could build the characters and the scene in AE 3d world. The characters became very easy to move and having the ability to spin them in 3D world makes their movement much more realistic.

Aside form the animation, I gotta work on the thesis briefcase too, which is a pitch screen-base documentation that is also going to be the online presence (website) of this project.

And.. my scene 1 render is over..