Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Animation Screenplay

Two weeks ago I started to write a screenplay for The Modern Shadow. I began by writing it in mixed Indonesian and English language and putting an extra English subtitle underneath. However As I read it out loud in class, most of them seemed to understand the flow just from the English words slipped inside the conversation.

So I went to rework my draft screenplay yesterday because even though it was quite understandable but still it needs a lot of work to balance out the clues to the audience without having the distruptive subtitles.

The Modern Shadow Script

I'm personally not very hapy yet with the script and I'm looking for ways to refine it. One of the ways I thought will be good is to have input from the people I'm trying to portray in my characters. I am currently waiting for feedbacks from these contacts that are mostly in the age and having the same background as my characters.


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