Thursday, October 27, 2005

Story Brainstorming part 2

After talking with Mollie yesterday, she gave me few inputs for my story. What if the girl is a fantasy? She doesn't exist, she's a C / D class celebrity that the guy is desiring of. Then I was reminded by my younger cousin's story bout her classmates (in Jakarta) She said one of her classmate really believes that she looks like Britney Spears. She idolized Britney very much and try to copy her style.. even though physically she's quite different :(

I imagine I can build a story of a guy, a college student who is totally into the west from his style to his values in his daily life. This guy idolize Fergie BEP / J-Lo very much, sets her song as his ringtone, rich, popular and a little cocky when it gets to relationship. Then, first day of the semester, he met a girl in his new class. This girl is relatively conservative, smart, does not care too much about the latest fashion. The guys noticed her but then she turned out to be very different than the typical girl he knows / expect to meet. And because of her realness, he become to realize his fantasies of the west have taken him away from who he is suppose to be.


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