Monday, October 24, 2005

Scene prototype

While keep on working on the story (which i have a lot of stress finding a good one) I decide to look into some scene creations of my installation. I tried to replicate the scene of a real wayang performance using the digital characters. I think using digital technology is definetaly possible to animate the characters, add sceneries and project the video.

Scene Prototype

However, I read this book called 'World of Shadow - Teaching with Shadow Puppetry' by David Wisniewski and Donna Wisniewski which teach a lot of simple technical ways to build a shadow play mainly for your age. Other than giving the basic technical ways to run a shadow play, it also teaches a lot about manual tricks that we can do with shadow play nowadays such as using the Overhead Projector to replace light source, using transparency and colors, make special effects using light box filled with translucent elements such as water, paint, plexy glass, food coloring, milk and much more to create different effects for our scenes.

Using cooking oil to create special effect [World of Shadows - pg 92]

Dark clouds - by dripping milk into the light box filled with water [World of Shadows - pg 92]

I became interested to actually creates the scene manually with physical items and printed characters on transparencies then record and edit the documentation digitally, because I feel the scenes created physically have much more authentic and artistic effects than if i tried to replicate them digitally.

Introducing transparency to add depth [World of Shadows - pg 128]

But then again, I am still in doubt wether all types of translucent effects will add values into this project because ultimetaly thethe animation should remain recognizable as the original wayang performance. The subtleness of the clash happening inside is really my goal for the artistic concept of the animation.


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